Saturday, 26 November 2011

Works in progress because I am forgetful

So ready to start updating with new art every other day, I usually spend my weekends at my boyfriend's house so I packed my laptop up and brought it with me!.... BUT I FORGOT MY TABLET. And I don't really have access to a scanner. SO. All I have to show for are some wips of studies. Oh well, as long as I update with something. 

First up we have a funny sailor guy, I've only worked on it for something like 30 minutes so obviously its still rough, not sure if I want to finish it more than this though!

And a folds/figure study, planning on finishing this one all nice and polished!

Okay so there is a scanner here but I'd have to set it up and download some drivers and stuff like that so.... dunno maybe I'll have the will later, then again we'll probably be going out so I can stop at my house to pick up my tablet! So hopefully there will be an entry with actual sustenance tonight/tomorrow!

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